El Pati de L’Albera booking conditions:

1. Cancellation of the booking

the cancellation of the reservation will lead to retain the following amounts:

  •  50% of the deposit plus 30 € for administrative expenses, when the cancellation of the reservation is made more than thirty days before the date of entry into the housing.
  • 100% of the deposit when the cancellation is made less than thirty days in advance.

In case of circumstances beyond the control of the customer or due to force majeure shall apply the same criteria in this section for cancellations.

El Pati de L’Albera not have to accept changes once booked, if they accept the change (date, room …) it will cost € 20.

2. Allowances for waiver of the stay

when the client leaves the tourist accommodation before the date until which it had reserved, you must pay the total amount of the remaining days of stay.

3. Arrival and departure times

Check in time is between 16.00 and 20.00 hours and must be carried out until 12.00 am. If you can not adjust to this schedule should contact the owner to realize another day or time for delivery of the keys (if the owner has available, not required).

For weekend stays, the output can be delayed until the afternoon, provided it does not coincide with the arrival of another customer. The Pati de L´ Albera can have their own criteria for the deadline for entry and exit.

4. Payment

At the time of booking and must make an advance payment of 30% of the total (40% if the booking amount is over 3000 €). If after 3 days of confirmation not received the advance payment El Pati de L’Albera reserves the right to cancel your reservation without prior notice.

The remaining amount is payable upon arrival in cash or by credit card.

5. Customer Obligations

The occupation of property is limited to the number of people listed in the contract, also counting the children (who go without their own bed and have more than 2 years) and persons for the purpose of the occupation. The Pati de L´ Albera may prevent access to the property in case of exceeding the allowed number. If detected during the stay there is a greater number of people that authorized the reservation will be automatically canceled and can proceed with eviction from the house.

The tenant is obliged to leave his room clean and presentable. Regarding the entire house, the dishes must be clean and in place, the refrigerator free of food and garbage must have been emptied. If the tenant does not leave your accommodation in the aforementioned state, the Pati de l´ Albera reserves the right to cover any extra cleaning costs through the bond.

The tenant must respect the neighbors and the Rules of the homeowners association which owns the property. In case of negligence or inappropriate behavior Pati de L’Albera reserves the right to cancel the lease with immediate effect and without notice. In this case Pati de L’Albera not required to pay the amount of rent paid by the customer. For the welfare of the residents do not allow the conduct of parties such as “disco” or play music outside of the accommodation after 22h, except previous agreements or special events.

6. Deposit

The security deposit upon arrival at the house is 200 € to pay in cash, it will turn on within 5 days from the date of departure, to verify the correct state of accommodation. In case of trouble Pati de L’Albera reserve the right to withhold the appropriate amount to cover the cost of damage caused. If damages exceed the amount mentioned, Pati de L’Albera will take appropriate legal action.

7. Home inventory

The homes have the necessary tools for people who occupy them. If at the time you get seen something missing (cups, plates ,…) so notify the owner. Similarly, if during your stay something breaks are to be connected to the owner and eventually take over his replacement.

Cleaning kit. When you get home you will find a small cleaning kit that includes the minimum necessary to begin your stay (garbage bags, matches, dishwasher, cloth …).

8. Booking Confirmation

Any reservation is always verified to confirm that all aspects of the booking are correct (price, persons and characteristics). Once your booking has been verified and payment is recieved we will send a booking/payment confirmation email to the  customer. The reservation is considered as confirmed by Pati de L’Albera once sent the email booking/payment confirmation email and, in any case, not before.

If there is any irregularity with your booking and this is not accepted by Pati de L’Albera, if any downpayments were made, the amount will be fully refunded.

Last edited on January 14, 2013.