Landscape and Gastronomy

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Enjoy a nice experience walking through our territory, in the middle of olive trees and wineyards, and finally taste a great variety of local products at the open air!

For further information please contact with us!


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We keep on growing, thanks to all our clients:-)

Dinner at Pati de l´Albera

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A group of clients enjoying the dinner we have prepared for them.

Bike Rental

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We can offer a new service for our Clients! BTT bike rental!

Booking awards 2016

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One more year we got an excellent evaluation on Thanks a lot to all our guests!

Un año mas conseguimos una excelente valoración en Gracias de corazón a todos nuestros huéspedes!


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We are very proud to announce that, thanks to the reviews from our clients, we got such an excellent score by the website This is a further impulse to try to do it even better!

A funny story about the village of Sant Climent Sescebes

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Draw of a Hammam circuit for 2 people

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Dear friends:

In collaboration with the aesthetic-hairdresser RENOVAT, in Sant Climent Sescebes, we will draw a Hammam circuit for 2 people among guests of El Pati de L’Albera, whose validity will be from October 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015. We encourage you to participate, and we are looking forward to see you!

Brief history of the Empordà. The wines (II)

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There is no doubt that the wine culture and the knowledge of the wine trade reached Catalonia around the 6th century BC. The area was then the most important Greek colony in Spain, and Emporiae was the Greek city that later gave its name to the district of Empordà. Four centuries later, archaeological and documental evidence exists to demonstrate that the wines of the lands of Emporiae and other areas of the Tarraconensis were known in the domestic markets of other provinces of the Roman Empire and in the metropolis itself.

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Brief history of the Empordà (I)

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The region was already inhabited in the prehistory. There are a number of caves that served as a shelter for paleolithic men in the Montgrí Massif, the most famous ones share the same name: “Cau Del Duc”, one in Torroella and the other in Ullà. We also find important megalithic structures in Massís de les Gavarres or Massís de Cadiretes, as well as the dolmens in Fitor.

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