Cane roof for our pergola

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We released the new cane roof for our pergola!

Lidia Parramon

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Nice review


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Esmorzar rural amb el Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla


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Proud to continue at our best level, and many thanks to all our guests!


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Congrats, Roberto! You’ve earned Superhost 4 times in a row, which means you’ve unlocked a Superhost bonus. It’s a little extra thanks for the extra care you put in to hosting.


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A great new in our terrace!!!

Distintivo Atención al Cliente

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Enhorabuena: Mantienes el distintivo
En la última revisión mensual, hemos comprobado que cumples los requisitos de la Atención excelente:

Ocupación actualizada

Alto porcentaje de respuesta

Precios bien detallados

Buenas opiniones


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Pack Enoturismo: Pati de l’Albera, Oliveda, Mas Ullastre

Landscape and Gastronomy

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Enjoy a nice experience walking through our territory, in the middle of olive trees and wineyards, and finally taste a great variety of local products at the open air!

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