The Alt Empordà , north of the Costa Brava , is a region with a rich cultural landscape , marked by its geographical position as a border with France at the northeastern fringe of Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula , which has characterized as a place of passage ( persons, goods , etc.).


The most important elements of our history and visited the dolmens and menhirs found in the area of Albera and Cap de Creus, the Greco-Roman ruins of Empúries and Roses Citadel . In medieval times , are the Romanesque churches , the monastery of Vilabertran and Sant Pere de Rodes , the latter as a prime example . In later times , we have the Cathedral of Castelló Empúries Gothic fortification baluardada Castle of Sant Ferran in Figueres and some modernist buildings , until today , where we have the genius of Salvador Dalí his Teatro Museo in Figueres and Port Lligat house .

However , all these elements could not be understood without Empordà landscape , much protected : the natural park of the Empordà, Cap de Creus, the only marine and terrestrial , the Natural Albera and Bassegoda area . Moreover, an important component of the Alt Empordà is the gastronomy of sea and mountain , the ” stew ” of fish, goose with turnips , the ” fritters ” Empordà , and notable products like wines Designation of Origin Empordà , the anchovies , oil, sweet sausage , etc.

All these aspects make the Alt Emporda a welcoming land ready to receive you.